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Seeking Background Actors Who Appeared in the Courthouse & Woodshop Scenes

If you once enjoyed the thrill of portraying a citizen, a jury member, a guard, or an inmate in film sequences shot in Upper Sandusky, Ohio -- or you know someone who did -- you have a unique story to tell, and Bill and April Mullen are looking for you. This August 9th through the 11th, the world will celebrate the 30th anniversary of the premiere of Frank Darabont's classic tale of hope fulfilled, 1994's The Shawshank Redemption, And the whole cast is reuniting. While the complete list of the film's returning actors has not yet been fully announced, the current list is eye-popping: Warden Norton. Heywood. Bogs Diamond. Tommy Williams. Fresh Fish Con, Tyrell, Glenn Quentin, Linda Dufresne, Foodway Manager. Bank Teller, and writer/director Frank Darabont and his good friend, TCM's host Ben Mankiewicz. Apparently, there are even more actors who will be attending who have yet to be announced. And to all those who played the background parts, the return to Shawshank won't be complete without you. There are panel discussions planned, and you are being sought to tell your side of the story about the making of the number-one ranked movie of all time, on

The challenge? Getting all the names and addresses of all the background actors who appeared in the sequences that were filmed in the Wyandot County Courthouse and in the former Stephan Lumber Company. If you or someone you know heard Mr Darabont say "Action" -- please contact Bill and April Mullen as soon as you can. Spread the word. Operators are standing by! Call today: (419) 835-5163.

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